Child Abuse Defense Lawyers from Elizabeth City to the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Have you been accused of abuse against a child? There are a number of very serious charges that people may face regarding child abuse. These are sensitive subjects and they require serious attention from your defense.  For example, you may face charges of physical abuse of children, delinquency of children by placing them in possible situations wherein they could be abused or neglected, felony exploitation of children by using them as props or models in photographic and video depictions of prepubescent children in sexual positions or attitudes, and taking indecent liberties with children under the age of 16. These charges can also include internet solicitation of minors, internet or telephone stalking or harassment of minors, among other violations.

Child Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Many cases begin with charges set at a much higher level than facts support. Through investigation and analysis of the facts and the situation, then through discussions and negotiation with prosecutors, a different result can be reached, with a better outcome for the client.

In many cases where children are the alleged victims, we can discuss bringing in forensic experts in child psychology, investigation experts, and others to challenge the quality and sufficiency of evidence the prosecutors are relying on.  We have the experience and the know-how to investigate and the trial know-how and experience to present determined, thorough and knowledgeable defense trial efforts.

If you are facing serious abuse charges, call Donahue Defense.