Eastern District of North Carolina Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Are you under federal investigation, suspect that you may be, or have you been arrested by federal authorities?

Donahue Defense can and will step in and help you forge a strategy and defend your interests from the start, and drive through to achieve the best possible result in the matter.

When you’re faced with a federal criminal investigation or charge, it is imperative to understand the severity associated with federal offenses. You need an experienced attorney with a proven track record on your side.

Donahue Defense is poised to handle all aspects of investigation and trial, including preparations for sentencing hearings, in a broad spectrum of federal matters, including:

  • Bank Robbery
  • Drug Trafficking and Drug Conspiracies
  • Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft
  • Money laundering and structured transaction crimes
  • Real Estate Frauds involving Federal Loan Programs
  • Grand Jury investigations of Individuals and Corporations
  • Federal agency Search Warrants and Target Letters
  • Child Pornography; Criminal civil rights violations
  • Gang Violence and multistate criminal conspiracies
  • Tobacco marketing fraud, Anti-trust bid-rigging conspiracy (paving, utilities, electrical)

Retain Donahue Defense for your federal criminal matter.

In federal investigations and prosecutions, becoming immersed in the matter early on and staying on top of and ahead of the case is critical for defendants. Decisions from the very beginning have to be focused, correct and the client must be presented with clear information as to the choices and options available at any given moment, and counsel must act on decisions quickly and decisively to protect the client’s interests. Our experience in criminal matters gives Donahue Defense the ability to see through the clutter, identify what is crucial, and act on it without delay. Helping clients make the right decision, and then having the skill, tenacity and know-how to execute the decision into negotiations, motions practice, legal research, trial preparation and into effective courtroom representation and jury persuasion, is what Donahue Defense has been doing for years. We provide focused, determined and effective defense, period.