Donahue Attends Summer School at Harvard


Whether Daniel Donahue is a “Harvard-trained lawyer” might be debatable but in late July 2015, Mr. Donahue joined members of the National College of DUI Defense, Inc. for an intensive one week DUI seminar in Austin Hall at the Harvard Law School.  Members from around the country joined for this meeting to discuss the newest, most cutting-edge defenses in the nation.  The focus of the week was making sense of the science that is used in DUI/DWI testing and how to challenge it.

Donahue says, “You cannot make sense of the science because it is all pretty flawed.  It was eye-opening to be part of a large group of professionals who all understood that much of DWI science is “junk-science” geared at convictions and revenue.  I walked away more knowledgeable and proud of the fact that if we lawyers are able to teach judges and juries some of what we know, we can really help the people who deserve it.”

Donahue is now back in northeast North Carolina defending DWI and other criminal cases throughout the Elizabeth City and Outer Banks region.

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