Federal and State Pornography

We live in a world where people are constantly downloading pornography, saving it to view later, transferring it to a DVD, thumb-drive or other media, sending it out via email, text or other transmission to others.  In the midst of all of this data transfer, sometimes people are accused of transmitting or creating child pornography — which are serious federal and state offenses.  Depending upon the content, number of images, and the nature of the images (still or videos) a child pornography charge can result in prison sentences more severe than most felonies and even several levels of homicide.

What do I do if I’m caught with child pornography?

If you are under investigation, think you are under investigation, or if law enforcement questions you about your internet use, or come to your home or place of work with a search warrant to seize your cellular phone, your tablet or laptop, your hard drives or other media storage devices, it is crucial that you call knowledgeable criminal defense counsel immediately. Before you make any statement, however innocent or innocuous you may feel it is, it’s important to have counsel on your side.

What if I’m accused of child pornography, but didn’t do it?

We understand that innocent people are accused of, or are subject to criminal investigations, frequently. Child pornorgraphy offenses, and whether or not a person should be charged are complex matters. Even where downloading child pornography occurs as an inadvertence or accident, it can result in charges being brought. This type of investigation or charging often occurs as a result of using file sharing programs in an indiscriminate manner, seeking certain information types and downloading child pornography.

If you find yourself blindsided by an investigation for possession, creation or distribution of child pornography, we can assist you in: (a) determining the scope of any precise allegations or type of investigation, (b) the authority(ies) primarily involved, i.e., local, state or F.B.I, DHS/ICE, Secret Service, etc.; (c) provide you with accurate assessment of your situation; and (d) devise and execute a strategy to work toward the best outcome of your individual situation. In child pornography investigations and prosecutions, the sooner we become involved with you, the more likely it will be that we can affect the outcome for you.

Don’t wait to hire a lawyer to defend, advise and assist you through your child pornography investigation. Before speaking with, or allowing state or federal agents to investigate your computer, seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel available to you.